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AMC Movies AMC is an online movie TV channel from USA, AMC is a cable tv specialty station that primarily airs movies, along with a limited amount of original programming.
AMC was watched for 814524 times.
More info about AMC , program guide and shows can be found on the Official website of AMC. If you are unable to watch AMC Online, please visit our Help and FAQ page and look for the corresponding plugin.

AMC Comments

Posted on 2023-12-05 09:15:42 by stven
I cannot see anything!
Posted on 2023-03-19 12:25:21 by JOJO
?so?what is it?
Posted on 2023-03-19 12:24:26 by JOJO

Posted on 2023-03-19 12:23:38 by JOJO
I can't make the screen bigger.How do I do that?
Posted on 2017-07-02 08:57:32 by Cathy
anyone knows how to inlarge the screen.i try the usaul way, it didnt work
Posted on 2017-05-21 23:29:53 by kc
breaking bad is gay
Posted on 2017-01-01 14:27:51 by breaking bad is gay
if amc can't be kept up here why have the link? geez!
Posted on 2016-11-21 07:36:04 by bob
I want to watch the walking dead but I can't see anything
Posted on 2016-10-31 09:05:32 by Justin
по какому времени показывают?
Posted on 2015-02-08 21:18:13 by наме
right click for full screen
Posted on 2014-10-13 10:07:30 by zombie
How the hell do I make this full screen?
Posted on 2014-10-13 09:23:18 by hi there
Can I make it full screen?
Posted on 2014-10-13 09:08:06 by Ray
"Ma fawrat Chanal HBO" Haw K3wl ix Tat na??
Posted on 2014-10-08 03:57:35 by PONKA
Happy Sad Cool Smug Confused Sleep
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