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Colors 0 Entertainment Colors TV is an online entertainment TV Channel from India, Colors was launched on July 21, 2008, It is a Hindi language Indian general entertainment channel based in Mumbai, part of the Viacom 18 family
Colors was watched for 50136 times.
More info about Colors , program guide and shows can be found on the Official website of Colors. If you are unable to watch Colors Online, please visit our Help and FAQ page and look for the corresponding plugin.

Colors Comments

If you are worried about ads, just use adblock, that's what i did and i can watch fine.
Posted on 2014-06-25 10:55:30 by Ninja
site is full of VIRUSES SUCK IT
Posted on 2014-05-04 04:01:18 by MikeHunt
here only to watch SOA
Posted on 2013-12-04 10:03:32 by birdman
Posted on 2013-11-14 11:00:41 by boooo
NEVER try and download or click onto anything on this site and any site like it. Guaranteed to destroy your computer.
Posted on 2013-11-14 08:25:09 by HoodooTyE
This is west coast stream where is the east coast one???
Posted on 2013-10-24 07:32:33 by Vin
keep getting voice ad
Posted on 2013-10-23 01:41:39 by this sucks
like how everyone is here for AHS... quality isn't great though :/
Posted on 2013-10-10 12:33:11 by mclovin
why is green lantern on
Posted on 2013-10-10 10:11:30 by eny
i dont get it
Posted on 2013-10-10 10:10:46 by enya
it's just commercials :(
Posted on 2013-10-10 10:08:26 by CC
AHS doesnt start until 10 so chill yall!
Posted on 2013-10-10 09:42:46 by Dani
what? 2 windows of 2 random series? i want american horror story!!
Posted on 2013-10-10 09:36:55 by bb
Me aparecen 2 ventanas con dos series distintas y ninguna es AHS!
Posted on 2013-10-10 04:18:01 by lola
I expect no problems to see american horror story tonight. Everything working fine now. No viruses, and only a couple of ads... From Spain.
Posted on 2013-10-10 02:52:54 by jose
try and get the fx channel and have to down load a bunch of different crap and then get a Trojan virus yea and that is just what happened. this site sucks
Posted on 2013-09-07 07:30:33 by fed up
nice move chanal
Posted on 2013-07-27 13:04:28 by 03113001887
What I found out is the media player wants to add a codec.You allow and it trys to update VLC media player.I think it is spyware.Because my Firewall BLOCKED it out.The upgrade said there was a conection problem.
Posted on 2013-07-26 07:57:30 by Der
Hey this works GREAT
Posted on 2013-07-26 07:50:09 by DER
not working :(
Posted on 2014-08-05 04:21:57 by pk
smarty go to youtube
Posted on 2013-10-19 21:10:50 by yourdad
this is not vh1
Posted on 2013-10-03 00:33:14 by king peron
i lov it so
Posted on 2013-08-22 23:34:38 by bain
Posted on 2013-08-08 10:05:56 by perez
this is not US VH1
Posted on 2013-07-06 20:39:31 by VH1
its not working
Posted on 2014-03-30 02:46:36 by spiff
Posted on 2013-10-19 07:37:14 by Goonses
Posted on 2013-10-16 11:07:34 by jr
Top of 9th
Posted on 2013-10-16 11:06:09 by hanyman Jef
why is it showing the bottom of the third when the game is in the top of the seventh now
Posted on 2013-10-07 10:59:03 by Hundo
Skillet watch?
Posted on 2013-07-12 12:05:18 by isaac
Skillet ?
Posted on 2013-07-12 11:33:11 by MArio
gud channel
Posted on 2014-08-07 10:35:09 by Ashwani Rajput
Very good
Posted on 2014-07-23 20:04:01 by Debasis Dhungia
i lke star gold very much because it is the best channel i every look
Posted on 2014-06-13 15:15:21 by R K Verma
very nice
Posted on 2014-05-27 18:43:20 by AQiB
bot daltas
Posted on 2014-04-26 04:23:23 by habib
acccha hhhhhhaaaa
Posted on 2013-12-12 14:15:26 by rajesh
Posted on 2013-11-10 17:24:40 by AHMED
kuch khas nhe dakhni kay laik hai
Posted on 2013-10-29 00:32:38 by agha
buffering is very slow
Posted on 2013-10-18 11:52:53 by ashu
buffring is bed
Posted on 2013-10-13 11:16:13 by yasin
jhatu channel hai
Posted on 2013-09-07 14:01:23 by don
Very good
Posted on 2013-09-07 04:28:44 by sanjay jain
fleeing sleepy.
Posted on 2013-09-06 23:51:36 by rahul mah..
i lke star gold very much because it is the best channel i every look
Posted on 2013-08-12 03:19:58 by huzaifa
video buffering is not good... :(
Posted on 2013-08-09 16:43:16 by vikas tomar
verro good
Posted on 2013-07-31 10:14:28 by prasen
Posted on 2014-06-13 15:21:47 by RK
bakwas whre is the linnk
Posted on 2014-05-21 18:58:03 by rahul
Posted on 2014-05-19 13:54:07 by PRASHANT
this chanel very crazy
Posted on 2014-05-01 00:34:57 by saroj kumar
Posted on 2013-11-06 01:02:30 by mex
my best tv chanel
Posted on 2013-10-02 23:06:38 by aravind
so funny
Posted on 2013-11-05 14:47:18 by palak
full of entertainment
Posted on 2013-10-15 05:42:24 by aaryan
Posted on 2013-10-13 16:55:06 by ASA

Posted on 2013-10-12 19:41:09 by arpit
full enter tain ment
Posted on 2013-08-09 11:40:40 by dk
all tamil chennal
Posted on 2014-02-02 12:52:23 by vincent thomas
pls pls pls pls
Posted on 2013-11-03 00:45:10 by pinky
can anyone tell me how to find nadhi yengay pogriradhu serial? pls
Posted on 2013-11-03 00:44:20 by pinky
Posted on 2014-06-05 13:30:46 by GSEGER
hat bakbas
Posted on 2014-06-03 18:53:51 by ddgg
Comedi kapil
Posted on 2014-04-05 14:56:45 by Colors
Enter your comment here 359327047702521
Posted on 2014-03-21 15:51:49 by akash patel
ben 10
Posted on 2014-01-22 01:24:14 by s.k.j,
yes i see kapil i luv you
Posted on 2013-12-10 15:30:05 by 456
Do you see my show Comedy nights with Kapil.
Posted on 2013-11-15 02:24:22 by Kapil
Posted on 2013-11-12 22:09:43 by NHgauri
My severity
Posted on 2013-11-11 17:34:46 by Sujit kumar
lund chooso mera
Posted on 2013-11-08 13:40:35 by chodu

Posted on 2013-11-02 18:31:02 by not working
hjhgkl ]
Posted on 2013-10-22 20:23:24 by hgjjhk
Posted on 2013-10-18 22:56:09 by imran
Posted on 2013-10-17 11:17:34 by sanjay
I idea tv
Posted on 2013-10-17 11:16:46 by zee tv
Posted on 2013-10-08 22:32:19 by vinodbhatt2001
Posted on 2013-09-29 02:08:51 by Abdul munaaf
Posted on 2013-09-29 02:08:30 by Abdul munaaf
what are you doing
Posted on 2013-09-18 15:03:25 by aari
Posted on 2013-09-16 22:28:24 by Colors
my name is aaaiy and you are a aaaiy comination super
Posted on 2013-09-16 10:03:18 by aaaiy
how its start
Posted on 2013-09-13 22:05:55 by sharukh
Very nice channel
Posted on 2013-09-13 16:15:33 by harish
Posted on 2013-09-02 00:11:29 by asdfgh
Posted on 2013-08-20 20:59:38 by ROHIT VALMIKI
Chandan adhikary
Posted on 2013-08-06 23:26:37 by chandan
Posted on 2013-07-30 18:46:03 by HBO
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